Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad Blogging but saying YES

Ack, I am remiss. This is a life lesson. Sigh. I have been out for the count. I have not posted for many, many days and now fear I am losing face, silly really, but here is my excuse list. For some reason, I have lately been saying a big, fat YES to everything in my life. I had been doing an art course called Planetary Archetypes, that is this amazing, clay process, and esoteric examination of my life by looking closely at the archetypes of Venus, the Moon, Saturn, Mercury etc., and how the energy of these planets influence certain years of your life, amazing process, and then I decided to overlap that course with another amazing course called Unravelling by Susannah Conway it was eight weeks in length and centres again on examining the self by using photography and journalling.
Needless to say, I have just come up for air, and with working full time and living, blogging slipped by the wayside. But I have photographed my garden and I will be posting some photos very soon. I am getting back on the bus. I am new to everything in the blogosphere as well as the paving of the road to hell with my good intentions. I'll forgive myself if you will. Be back soon. XO

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