Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gut Gardening

A word about intuition. I will begin with a small caveat, I do have a background in horticulture, although not by any means extensive, I did work professionally a looooong time ago. I know some basic things, like the difference between an annual and a perrenial, or the latin for the virginia creeper, (Parthenocissus quinquefolia). But there is a lot I don't know, A LOT. I have many gardening books and while they are necessary they can also be overwhelming, especially when you are just beginning.

I have taken the radical step of starting a "gut garden". To learn all about this process please go here:

Recently, I have accepted that I am a person that operates better in my world by using my intuition as my primary guide and tool. When I plan too much I can become overly controlling, indecisive and overwhelmed. I slip in to what's known as" monkey mind" amongst those who meditate. I am taking the radical step of trying this process, and I'll let you know how it goes.

This photo is of my most favourite flower in the universe. The Peony. I love the magnificance of their blooms. I love the way the buds, are perfect, tight, spheres that explode in to this mammoth, loveliness that is so splendid that peonies often faint from the weight of their own beauty; once they bloom they are often kissing the grass.

I will not, alas, be able to plant one on my balcony, but sometimes the universe provides. Sometime ago I had mentioned my adoration of this flower to a woman who is a patient at the Naturopathic clinic I manage. And yesterday she cut me a bouquet from her own garden and presented it to me at work. How lucky am I? Heaven.

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  1. Peonies are gorgeous! They are just so lush!