Friday, May 14, 2010

The impetus

I am an old gardener in a new gardener's body. I recently moved to a high-rise, the antithesis of what I craved in a home. For me I like the ground level charm of an old house with wide plank slanted floors and the patina of a by-gone era. But I also found it difficult to get the synthesis of character, outdoor space and a well-managed building on my budget. Rent is expensive in Toronto, especially if you love to live alone. So, I found this building in a great part of town and VOILA, I am in a high-rise and much to my surprise I am loving it.

My intention for this blog is to record my journey starting a garden on my balcony, to record my thoughts, the process, and the places it takes me. I will not be giving gardening advice. I have long wanted to grow my own herbs, flowers and vegetables.

And I love the beauty that a garden inspires, I love how you can grow a plant and how that can extend to inspiration in a vast array of areas; cooking, art, community, activism, healing and above all meaning. The journey starts on my 20 foot (yes, I scored) balcony, but I do forsee it extending into other areas of my life that are abundant with meaning. I leave you with an image of the view from the balcony, yes it's in winter. But it represents the start of this process as I took it on New Year's day 2010 when I moved in.

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  1. What you write reminds me of a sign that I saw some years ago. It was in the living room of a woman who is particularly skilled with plants and creating flower essences. The sign read IT ALL BEGAN IN A GARDEN. So, too, may your new blog create that beginning shifts in consciousness, from these gentle teachers, in your own Eden.
    Pat Parisi